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Then and Now: Old Town 1961

Yellowknife is rich in history and over the last couple years photos have been popping up online of Yellowknife’s past. Whether through the Prince of Wales Heritage Museum website, the Mine Heritage Society or through the Yellowknife Memories Facebook Page. 

Inspired by a blog out of Vancouver I wanted to compare photos from the past to current ones, so I set out to try to find the exact location photos from the past were taken. I’m hoping to feature a different photo sets each week.

First off we have a photo of Old Town in 1961 from Twin Pine hill. The ball field is a swamp still, Peace River Flats is sparse and Jolliffe Island still has the fuel tanks on it, oh, and the trees are a lot smaller.

yellowknife oldtown 1961

Photo Credit: Robert Taylor 1961

Photo Credit: Kyle Thomas 2013

Photo Credit: Kyle Thomas 2013

And something extra (I’m not doing this with everyone).

Yellowknife Old Town 1961

I’m doing my best to credit the photos properly, but if something is wrong please email me and I will change it right away.

If you have photos of Yellowknife’s past, the city, buildings, landscapes and want to share them please email me through the contact page, as I’d love to continue this series.



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