Then and Now: Giant Mine Head Frame

Looking back again, we venture just outside of Yellowknife to Giant Mine. Mining is what grew Yellowknife, staring in the 1930’s to present day, mining is the largest industry in the north and it has changed throughout the years.

The photo from way back is of the original Giant Mine head frame. I was unable to find the exact year this photo was taken, but judging by the vehicles I would say mid-1980’s. You will the  notice in the photo I took a couple of weeks ago that the current head frame – which is falling apart itself – was built on top of the original one. This caused me a lot of confusion when lining up the photos as I had no idea that this was the case. Does anyone know the year the new head frame was built? Here is a gallery of photos from Giant Mine back in its heyday, curated by the NWT Mining Society.


Credit: Raymonde Carpenter


Credit: Kyle Thomas

I’m doing my best to credit the photos properly, but if something is wrong please email me and I will change it right away.

If you have photos of Yellowknife’s past, the city, buildings, landscapes and want to share them please email me through the contact page, as I’d love to continue this series.


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