The winner of the True North Rotary Ice Device Contest is…

The weather might be a little cool today but that didn’t stop some of the member os the True North Rotary from going out onto Frame Lake to collect the Ice Device.

The Ice Device was placed on the ice of Frame Lake almost a months ago and a contest was run to guess when the device would fall through the ice. Well on Friday the device finally fell through the ice. Of course once it fell through the ice someone had to go get it to confirm the time.

Jeff Corradetti, Ryan Wood, James MacKenzie with land help from Simon Larose all set out to retrieve the Ice Device from the lake. Chains, rope, a canoe and a rubber dingy were all wrestled together to push, pull and drag the device out of the lake. After some tom foolery and several wet shoes the device did finally came to land.

Saturday May 19, 2012, . Photo by: James MacKenzie

Saturday May 19, 2012, . Photo by: James MacKenzie

The Results

The official time that the True North Rotary Ice Device fell through the ice was Friday, May 18, 2012 at 12:28:07

On May 18th 67 people made their guess but these 3 people came closest:

  1. Laborita Senhouse with a guess of 12:30:15 winning $3000
  2. Philippe Bouchard with a guess of 12:34:56 winning $2000
  3. Donna MacDonald with a guess of 12:36:45 winning $1000

In total True North Rotary raised $3635.00, which will go towards their community and international projects. Some of those projects include the Back Bay Cemetery restoration Project, Dominican Republic Housing Project, Hot Soup Project, Eradication of Polio, Belize Literacy Project and their month hands on projects.

As this was the first annual Ice Melt Competition the fundraiser is expected to be put on for many years to come.




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