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The Vibe of MBF & FOTR

Back in March, I first learned that a young artist by the name of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald would be coming to the 30th annual Folk on the Rocks festival in July. At the time I didn’t think much of it, I didn’t think much of him. I had never heard of him before, that was until I listen to some of his stuff on Youtube. Then on iTunes where I bought a couple songs, at which point I was pretty much hooked.

Originally I had planned to write about how I had heard rumors that people were disappointed about the line-up for this years festival and how I didn’t agree, considering I’ve heard Michael Bernard Fitzgerald music everywhere. I was going to write all that but as time grew near to Folk on the Rocks I kept putting it off. That was until I got the ambition to make the video below. The overall question I ask is, what is your feeling about the up coming festival?

If you are at work and can’t watch the video, email yourself the link. It is definitely worth watching me make a fool of myself. Also make sure you watch MBF’s music video to understand what the heck I’m doing on the grass. Once you watch it leave a comment about what you this this years Folk on the Rocks will be like!


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