Snowking Festival Opening & Schedule

The famous Snowking and his castle will be celebrating 15 years of Snowmotion this year and they are going to start it off with a bang. What started as some winter enjoyment for his highness’ children has become a local tradition. The fireworks, which will be the bang, will be taking place Sunday, February 28, at 8:30 down on the ice of Yellowknife Bay. Although the Royalty wants everyone to come and be comfortable, they ask that you leave pets at home and if possible car pool or walk. If you drive, they ask you park in the parking lot and stay out of the danger area. It will be amazing.

Don’t get the wrong idea thinking that the fireworks are going to be the best part of the festival, heck, it is just the beginning. The festival lasts all of March and there will be a lot happening all the time. It truly is a local treasure and everyone should have a chance to see and experience the Snowking Winter Festival.

You can head over to the new website where you’ll find all the info about the Castle and people behind it. There is an extensive schedule that will fill you in on all the happenings of the festival.

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