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Roasting Coffee Beans Locally – Part 1

DSC_0174 Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to find out what it takes to Roast Coffee Beans. Being able to Roasting Coffee Beans in the north is a rare trade. Mira Hall is one of only a hand full in the Northwest Territories and Yukon that have the trade. At this point it doesn’t look like anyone in Nunavut is doing it.

Most of us enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, whether it is from home, Tim Horton’s or one the downtown coffee shop; but we don’t often think about where the coffee comes from or how it ends up as the hot liquid in our cups. Importing coffee beans from around the world is only one step in the process and we’ll cover it in another part of this series. In this video post (Part 1) Mira explains the process of roasting the coffee beans in the roaster and how she does it. She talks about how the beans are kept fresh after being roasted and how soothing roasting beans can be.





Part 2 & 3 will be the actual roasting of the beans and a look at where the beans come from. Leave your feedback below.


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