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Raffle Scam in Yellowknife

An e-mail sent around earlier today by Finance/Lottery Officer Rob Waddell of the City of Yellowknife says there is a possible Raffle Ticket Scam going around Yellowknife. Apparently two teen-aged individuals were going around selling tickets for an organization called “The Yellowknife Single Parent Committee” on Finlayson Drive on Thursday evening. Upon checking in to the organization nothing was found online or through other organizations.

If anyone bought tickets from these individuals under that organization, or come in contact with them in the future they are asked to contact the RCMP with any information they have.

The e-mail goes on stating the probably not so legitimate 1st place prize. Which could have been a trip for two to Sandy Point Lodge, except the owner said they did not give anything to a group by that name.

Keep in mind all organizations in the NWT or Yellowknife must have a Lottery License Number on all their tickets. The City of Yellowknife Raffle License numbers begin with a “5” and are only 4 digits long.  If you do not see a lottery number don’t be afraid to ask if you are unsure or suspicious. If you are really unsure be sure to ask the person selling the tickets name, the organizations main contact, how they will be drawing winner and any other information you might think of.

It is great to give to local organizations and we all want to give back, but please use caution when doing so.


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