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Questions About Cost of Living

Hi everyone, it has been a long time. I just received an email from a first-year journalism student at Loyalist College. He is doing a presentation on the cost of living in the north. I know this is a hot topic for many, I think we can all remember the Facebook page created by one concerned resident went viral locally.

In any case, this student is looking for some residents to answer some questions, and I though we could do it collectively. So below are the questions. If you feel up to it, please send me an email to info@ykonline.ca with your answers and I will pass them along.

  1. What are the challenges of bringing goods into Canada’s northern communities?
  2. What is being done to ease the problems?
  3. What do northern residents do to help deal with the high cost of living?
  4. What are some sample prices of everyday grocery items in northern communities?

If you would like to add anything to the email, please do so. If anyone is willing to do a quick phone interview with him, please also let me know, as that is something he is interested in. As well, we can keep the discussion going by commenting those thoughts/answers in the comments. Thanks for you help.


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