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Power Outage Stories

Power outages in Yellowknife are like second nature. When it happens people just go with it and work around it. I’m currently sitting on my couch in the dark as I type, thinking about all the times the power has gone out.

Some of my best memories from power outages were when I was in elementary school. When the power went out then it was great because we all thought it was an excuse to not do any school work any more. We also thought, maybe it is true but I don’t actually know, that if the power were out for over an hour or two, we would get to go home for the day. Unfortunately that never happened, or maybe it did, but when the power goes out in May or June you’d never know do to all the daylight.

I remember other times; times such as the one I’m in right now. Where I am home and it is near -40 outside. I get such a thrill and excitement knowing we may have to find our own heat, rather than rely on a big oil-burning machine. Luckily we have a wood stove in out basement, which when cranked up can heat the entire house well enough to be comfortable.

I could go on with more memories, I have been here for sometime and these seem to be becoming a more common occurrence but I won’t. Instead I will share with you the one thing I enjoy the most about power outages, the silence. There is no furnace running or fridge or silent noise. It is just silent, peaceful and relaxing. It is, for me, one of the most refreshing things. To be cut off from everything just brings a smile to my face.

Although this is not to say that power outages can’t be bad. Of course they can’t. I can’t imagine how some people feel if their pipes freeze during an outage. Or if they can’t keep warm in there house.

Do you have any Yk Power Outage memories you’d like to share? Good, Bad! In the coming days I will publish a post talking about the issues surrounding Yellowknife Power Outages.

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