Power Outage hits Yellowknife

At approximately 5:00pm on Wednesday the power went out and is currently still out.

This is the first time in a couple months that Yellowknife has experienced a City wide power outage. Unfortunately it is right during the 5 o’clock drive home, which makes it all that much slower.

Ironically I don’t think many people will read this until after the power has come back on. I am using my iPhone for Internet to my Laptop to write this.

Update 5:50: At about 5:50pm the power has been restored in the Finlayson Area but not yet for downtown, oldtown and Niven. As we all know the Power Corp turns the power to the city back on section or grids at a time. It seems that with all the practice Yellowknifers get dealing with outages, things went smoothly. There have been not traffic problems reported as of yet.

Update 6:30: Power was restored to the Downtown core but at the same time went out again the Finlayson area. Still now power in Old Town or Niven.

Update 7:30: Power has been returned to Old Town, Niven area and Finlayson again. Reports are it is flickering but it seems the whole city may have power again.

Check out this video I shot while walk around in the outage, am sorry about the audio. Pictures below that.


Airport Runway Lights


A lifeless street lamp


Up Finlayson Drive


Many read by candle light.


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