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Porsche drives into Yellowknife

Brand new Porsche vehicles were in Yellowknife last week and as of yesterday. This isn’t first time that Porsche has come to Yellowknife with new cars. It seems that cold weather testing in Yellowknife is a favourite of theirs.

If you happen be wandering around town and see a convoy of at least 5 cars and a SUV tailing them, then those would be the Porsches. Although they are clearly Porsches the cars have no make logo or model labeled on them.

This year it seem that they have been testing the Porsche Panamera, a four door Porsche, for those families that want to drive in style. In past years these cold weather tests have not been done while the weather was all that cold, luckily Yellowknife’s weather has cooperated for them. Going from -39ºC last week, to -15ºC on Sunday back to -30ºC today.

It really does say something about what we all put our vehicles through if Porsche chooses Yellowknife for its testing. I, for one, know my Jeep’s suspension occasionally has a rough ride – pun intended – at -40ºC but it still moves on.

Did you see the Porsches in town this week? Do you think they are right to come to Yellowknife for cold weather testing?


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  • I think it’s great that they actually test for cold weather, but wonder about how much thought goes into what adjustments will be done to accomodate for vehicles for cold weather areas?  I’m not talking just Porsche, it seems that in weather as cold as we have had it recently will cause issues for power steering – the different companies know what will fix the problem but wait til the customer has to deal with the break before fixing it?? is that good customer service???

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