Old Town and Dump Talk [VIDEO]

Today is  Sunday and it is the day of rest, so I’m not going to post anything to deep. I thought a video would be perfect.

Along my travels through the Internet, specifically YouTube, I came across this interesting video of none other than old town. The video was produced by WAMP Film production and Paul Gordon. I’m not sure as the exact time the video was shot but in the description it states it aired in 2001 or 2002. Take a look.

I also found the video below by the same user and thought I would share it to. I actually found this video years ago while in high school and thought it was a neat idea. It is called “Dump Talk” and I thought and still do a think it would make a great web series. *Note there is a little bit of bad language in the video, among other crappy things, so be warned.


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