Off to the Races – City Election Begins

The Nominations are now closed for the 2009 municipal election. Here is who is running.

For Council:

  • Lydia Bardak
  • Bob Brooks
  • Francis Chang
  • Jeffery Corradetti
  • John Dalton
  • Paul Falvo
  • Mark Heyck
  • Tara Kearsey
  • Amanda Mallon
  • David T. McCann
  • Shelagh Montgomery
  • Varick Ollerhead
  • Rick Poltaruk
  • David Prichard
  • Cory Vanthuyne
  • David Wind

For Mayor:

  • Bryan Sutherland
  • Gordon Van Tighem
  • John Westergreen

For Yellowknife Education District #1 Trustees:

  • Joe Acorn
  • Terry Brookes
  • Jay Butler
  • Reanna Erasmus
  • Mira Hall
  • Blake Lyons
  • Tatiana Rutherford
  • Allan Shortt
  • Duff Spence
  • John Stephenson
  • John Westergreen
  • Mildred Wilke

Yellowknife Catholic Schools Trustees:

  • Francis Chang
  • Jennifer Debogorski
  • Gerda Hazenberg
  • Rose-Marie Jackson
  • Barb McDonald
  • Marta Simek de Jorge
  • Lee Stroman
  • Simon Taylor
  • Mary Vane

The election date is set for Monday October 19, 2009. Let the Campaigning begin.Begins


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