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NJM Gets a Portable

Over the last couple days an area in the playground of the NJ MacPherson School has been cleared, dug, and leveled. At first I was unsure of what would be occupy the space, whether a new playground or portable. Once they built a ramp from the road to the platform I assumed it was for a portable that would be going in.

NJ MacPherson School Portable

Sure enough today, Friday, they brought in the portable classroom. When I tried to call the school and school board to find out why this new portable was being put in I couldn’t reach anyone. I didn’t think it was needed and with St. Joe’s School now fully open again, I thought Yellowknife School might be back to normal. Please if me in if I am wrong. St. Joe’s School just got their old portables removed, remember.

Something thing that I question though, is what was the hurry to put this new portable classroom building in. They had to fence off a large area of the playground while the school is still in. Kids have to play around it at recess, now. Why did they just wait a week until school was out for the summer? hmm…

NJ MacPherson School Portable

UPDATE: Thanks to a parent/daycare owner, she informed me that NJ MacPherson will have 3 Kindergarten classes come fall. The four new portables will house some of the classes that will not fit into the main school. A commenter below also says that the portables are for the  Montessori School, rather that YK1 (NJ MacPherson).

UPDATE: A commenter who actually works for the YK1 School Board commented below that they are moving the Montessori out of NJ MacPherson School into the portables, which have been moved from St. Joe’s School.


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