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Mysterious Ring of Dead Grass

There have been a lot of public events held at the Somba K’e Civic Plaza already this summer. I think the area is great for big events or just lunch in the sun. It is open and there are benches and grass. And for the most part the grass looks pretty good. Except for that mysterious ring of dead grass in the middle of the lawn.

Ring of Dead Grass

The ring resembled a track, a miniature track. I couldn’t figure out what or why this happened. I thought maybe it had to do with where snow was piled throughout the winter, but I was wrong. Actually I was on the right track though.

While at the Aboriginal Day Fish Fry I over heard the Mayor in a conversation about the ring of dead grass. Apparently at one point over the winter a Skating Oval was built. Whether or not the skating oval worked is beyond me, but as you can see the result of clearing and then flooding the lawn killed the grass.

The picture was taken during Aboriginal Day and it you noticed during Canada Day the grass is slowly coming back. It is a good things to, I remember last year when it was first put in we couldn’t even walk on it.


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