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Muskox spotted near Cameron Falls

In weird, surprising and unusual news this morning, a muskox was spotted near Cameron Falls on the Ingraham Trail, just west of Yellowknife.

Muskox near Cameron Falls Yellowknife

Muskox Yellowknife Cameron Falls


Kassandra DeFrancis, a Yellowknife resident, posted the photo on the CBC Community page yesterday afternoon. She explained in the comment along with the photo that she and friends were hiking the Cameron River hiking trail when they spotted the lone muskox across the river. She continued to explain that the animal appeared to be simply grazing grass but was spooked and disappeared back into the trees.

The sighting of a muskox this close to Yellowknife is very unusual, however it isn’t a surprise anymore that different animals are finding their ways on different paths. While this lone muskox might actually be lost, there have been more wolf sightings, bison closer to Yellowknife than ever before and even deer sightings near Behchoko.

Muskox don’t commonly come this close to Yellowknife. There have been sightings in Lutselk’e, however they are more likely to be found on the tundra around the treeline this time of year.

What is the most unusual animal you have seen around Yellowknife?

[Source: CBC]


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