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Do you host a tour or experience in the city of Yellowknife, free or otherwise? Fill out the form below to start building your Yellowknife Online listing. This is for businesses, tour operators, non-profits, governments or individuals who offer tours or experiences in Yellowknife or the surrounding area.

Why list your experience or tour with Yellowknife Online?

Yellowknife Online ( receives 20,000+ visitors each month from around the world. Our archive of content helps visitors, residents, and newcomers make the most of their time in Yellowknife. New content – advice, tips, things to do and general information about Yellowknife – is published regularly. And with your support will be produced more frequently.

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With your contribution we’ll be able to push Yellowknife Online further, grow the community and reaching more people. More people who would participate in your experience.

What do I get with my listing?
You will get a tour/experience listing on Yellowknife Online, which will include:

  • the title of your tour,
  • featured image,
  • summary,
  • description,
  • details,
  • hyper-categorization,
  • contact information, and
  • custom request form.

The custom tour request form will capture exactly the information you need from potential guests and will be delivered to your email inbox.

If you list multiple tours/experiences you will also get an operator page (example here) with a description of your business/organization and a list of all your tours/experiences listed on Yellowknife Online.

Let Yellowknife Online be your Social Media/Digital Marketing Manager

We know managing your social media presence and digital marketing can be hard and time-consuming. Let Yellowknife Online take over that burden and manage it for you. It is what we’re good at.

Our established social media communities and archive of well-read content will be the first step to engaging your brand with visitors of Yellowknife. We’ll utilize our social media accounts at a frequency set by you and help online users find your tours and experiences easier and more efficiently.

We’ll work directly with you on a regular basis to make sure we’re representing your business, brand, values, and tours to the best of our ability.

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