I AM BETTY Releases: “Home and Dry” and Two Remixes

Well we have some great things coming out of the I AM BETTY corner today. To be honest I’m not up on everything that is happening with the I AM BETTY campaign but I’m trying to follow and get the word out as best I can. So today we have two things to talk about.

The first actually launched on Friday. It was the I AM BETTY single “Home and Dry”.  It was released on iTunes for download, so go now! The song is by Stephen Rees and features Marla Signer.

The other release is happening today and it would be the launch of the 7th Heaven (P!nk, Far East Movement and Katy Perry) and High Level (Kelly Clarkson, Nicola Roberts of Girls Aloud and Drive, who are also featured on the “I Am Betty” soundtrack) “Home and Dry” remixes. You can get the 7th Heaven remix here and the High Level remix here.

I am betty campaign

In addition to getting great music keep in mind that 100% of the funds raised from the limited edition CD will go directly towards the construction of the Betty House, a place for women and women with children at risk of being homeless in the North.

Also coming next month will be the launch of the official “I Am Betty” Album and Remix, which will happen on May 25, 2012.


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