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Ice Lake Rebels – A Show About Houseboaters [VIDEO]

A promo video and press release has surfaced for the new reality (or not?) television show Ice Lake Rebels. The show, produced by Animal Planet, has been shooting since the fall freeze up, running up to the spring thaw back in June of this year.

Ice Lake Rebels

It features a handful of Yellowknifer’s who live on houseboats out in Yellowknife Bay year round. Like many reality shows that have come out of the north things are dramatized to captivate the audience, but as always the personalities are awesome.

You can watch the full trailer on the Discovery Communication press release here.

Lets open up the comments below or on our Facebook page. How do you think this show will be perceived?


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  • Reality TV is an oxymoron…things have to be dramatic, otherwise no one would watch! Stephan, Allyse, Molly, Mike, Gary, Randy.. are all awesome people, even if what they did on the show wasn’t always their “real-life…”:) I saw some of the shooting…they all had fun!

  • It looks like the show will be on Animal Planet, but not Animal Planet Canada, at least for the July 27 launch. I suspect most of us don’t have access, so was wondering if there is any plan for a public showing, say at the Top Knight or something.

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