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How to go Dog Sledding in Yellowknife

For a true northern cultural experience, soar across a snow-covered lake behind a dog team! Dash through the snowy trails off Great Slave Lake on an exciting but cozy ride. Experience the adrenaline of mushing your very own dog team.

Dog sledding is something every visitor and resident has to try at least once. Luckily Yellowknife has a few options to get on the sleigh.

Tugah Traditional Dogsledding Experience

Tugah is an experience that will have you learning and participating in how dog teams were used and cared for transportation across the North before modern day snowmobiles became popular. It is an authentic experience lead by a family with generations of heritage and knowledge in the region.

Beck’s Kennels

Beck’s Kennels in the Kam Lake area of Yellowknife will take you out across Grace Lake toward their very own cozy cabin. You can drive your own team or just sit in the big boggan and enjoy the sites and feeling of traveling by dog team.

Aurora Village

Aurora Village, located at Cassidy Point on Prosperous Lake, keeps a dog team ready for anyone who wants to drive out the activity. They have their own private lake which allows for lots of space.

Enodah Kennels

Enodah Kennels is out on Highway 3 outside of Yellowknife and is the newest Dog Sledding provider. They offer a 45-minute drive your own sled or guided dog sledding tour.


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