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Building Your Nest

Price: $45.00

Welcome to Yellowknife Package

You are going to strike it rich with this beautiful locally designed box filled with useful information, fun tidbits of knowledge, and unique local gifts. All chosen to help you settle into your new life in Yellowknife.

A Peek Inside

The Welcome to Yellowknife package are individually hand printed by local artists, Astrid Kruse and Jasmine Gardner. Each box closes with spruce tree button and can be repurposed a beautiful gift box or storage container.

Inside you will find great information and some unique gifts from local suppliers and artists

  • How To Be a Yellowknifer Relocation Directory
  • How To Be a Yellowknifer Checklist
  • How To Be a Yellowknifer Emergency Numbers Card
  • How To Be a Yellowknifer Like a Local Language Guide
    • Yellowknife Direction-ary
    • Acronym Decoder
  • Old Town Yellowknife Pins/Magnets (Illustrator Alison McCreesh)
  • Old Town Postcard (Illustrator Alison McCreesh)
  • Yellowknife Colouring Book (Illustrator Alison McCreesh)
  • Local herbal tea (Laughing Lichen Wildcrafted Herb & Tea)
  • Discover Our Yellowknife Visitor Guide
  • City of Yellowknife Recreational Guide
  • City of Yellowknife Food Guide
  • City of Yellowknife Transit Map
  • Old Town SoundWalk App Card
  • Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre heritage postcards
  • NWT Legislative Assembly Brochure
  • NWT Camping Guide
  • NWT Fishing Guide
  • Wild and Wacky NWT Plants Book
  • Local Butterfly Guide
  • Home Energy Consumption Guide
  • Local Magazines
  • And more…

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