How To Be a Yellowknifer: Michelle Peters

Michelle Peters Yellowknife

Michelle Peters, originally from South Africa but now calls Yellowknife home joins us on this episode of the How To Be a Yellowknifer Podcast.

Michelle, her husband, Ryan, and their 3 children moved from South African to Yellowknife in 2013 for a job opportunity she couldn’t turn down.

Right off the top, I talk to Michelle about what it was like to make the decision to not only move to a new community but also move to a new country. She explains the first time her and her husband visited Yellowknife before making the big move and how she researched it. No conversations or website could prepare her for winter, though.

We go on to discuss how her family has adjusted to life in Yellowknife, how they’re involved in a number of community activities and organizations, and how Yellowknife was nothing like they expected and they love it for that.

Listen to this episode to learn more about what Michelle has to say about Yellowknife.

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