How the YkOnline Podcast will Work

Today I want to talk about the YkOnline Podcast. Normally I do it alone and talk to my self about news, what’s going on in Yellowknife and online but last week I went live while doing it. I was happy to see that there were at least 3 people watching me, 3 people from Yellowknife I might add. So that got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if we could have a panel of people talking about the weekly topics.

I knew how to record a Skype call but the problem with that was I wouldn’t be able to do it live unless that person also streamed there video live somewhere. Which would end up eating up bandwidth pretty quick. So I began to Google, I searched for “how to record audio output” and after a good hour of looking and trying different things I can now successfully record the audio output.  What does this mean?

Update: I will now be using Skype for the conversation and uStream for the live show. While recording the Skype audio I will be able to broadcast that audio to uStream as well as my video.

The Podcast will start at 7pm MST on Mondays. You can watch live at /live. If you want to join in and help me host or be apart of the conversation please contact me before 7pm sometime so I am aware you will be joining.

If you have any question on how this is going to work go to the Contact page or Twitter me @KyleWith or @YkOnline.


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