Hot Air Ballon over Yellowknife

Someone mentioned a hot air balloon was floating over City Hall Friday evening. Unfortunately I’m vehicle-less this month and didn’t get over to take a peak. Luckily though, one of our Facebook Fans has posted a photo and an explanation about why the balloon is in town.

Here’s a photo of a hot air balloon in Sombe’k Park on Friday night. It was brought from Quebec and was being tested out for the French Cultural Association 25th Anniversary celebration this week-end. It will be out again this evening (Saturday) and Sunday from 5:00 to 8:00 pm as part of the festival taking place in the park. Come check out this unusual site in Yellowknife – Gordon Poultney

You may also be able to see more photos here on Facebook. Or you can see it this evening and Sunday at the French Cultural Association 25th Anniversary celebration

Photo credit: Gordon Poultney


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