Help the Salvation Army by spreading the word

The Salvation Army in Yellowknife needs your help and you don’t even have to do much. Food Banks Canada and Air Miles Canada are putting on a contest to award 1 million Air Miles to the charity that gets the most votes. There are more details once you follow the link.

To help entice Food Banks across Canada spread the word, they will be handing out $100 Shell Gas Card for every action that is done to promote the contest. An action is classed as a Facebook status, tweet or blog post. All they have to do then is prove they did it and they will then get a gas card.

So why am I helping promote this contest? It is because I was asked and want to help the Salvation Army in Yellowknife get some of those gas cards. Regardless if they win the contest overall, those gas cards can go along way in the daily operations. Surely we have all seen the Sally Ann van driving around town. It is out there everyday helping shuttling around food and in this Christmas season it is used to help deliver food hampers to those who can make it in.

So take a moment out of your busy day to vote for 1 of the 3 charities by follow the link to the Air Mile Facebook Page

If you too want to help the Sally Ann get more gas cards spread the word by tagging the Salvation Army Yellowknife’s Facebook Page or mentioning them on Twitter (@YkSalvationArmy), but also make sure you include the link to the Air Miles Facebook Page above.


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