Google Snowmobile Trail View

When I came across this, through twitter, I got really excited. Then I came to grips with it. Google has gone one step further with their Street View and now have Street View Snowmobile. Although I am going to call it Google Snowmobile Trail View. This was done for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics which will be taking off in a couple days.

Although I don’t think we, here in Yellowknife, will have the pleasure of this feature anytime soon, I still think it would be a neat feature to have. It was asked the other day where to get a map of all the snowmobile trails around Yellowknife, but the question goes unanswered. The last place I knew about was Wolverine Sports, but since they closed I don’t think you can get them commercially anymore.

Yellowknife has such an elaborate snowmobile trail system that it would be highly beneficial to have. It would be great for planning a trip ahead or for those who don’t know the area as well. What are your thoughts on having our snowmobile trail system mapped by Google? I think it would be awesome, I don’t think there is anywhere else in Canada with our type of trail system.


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