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Getting to Yellowknife: Flying

Yellowknife Airport

Yellowknife is fortunate enough to have four major airlines that service Yellowknife to southern destinations. Each airline offers slightly different services but all in all the costs are about the same.

Canadian North and First Air were the first major airlines to fly 737’s from Yellowknife to destinations such as Calgary and Edmonton, Yellowknife’s closets major cities.

In the mid-to-late 2000’s Air Canada and Westjet arrived in Yellowknife, helping to lower costs all around, provide service to other locations and easier connection. Nowadays there are daily or almost daily flights to Edmonton, Calgary, Whitehorse, and Ottawa. Air Canada and *NEW* Air North recently introduced a seasonal direct flight to/from Vancouver to Yellowknife.

Canadian North (Merged with First Air) –

Yellowknife to/from Edmonton, and throughout NWT and Nunavut

Yellowknife to/from Edmonton and Calgary


Yellowknife to/from Edmonton and Calgary, Vancouver (new year-round service)


Seasonally Yellowknife to/from Whitehorse and Ottawa, and now with seasonal direct flights Yellowknife to/from Vancouver.


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