FOTR 2013 Spotlight: Grapes of Wrath

As Folk on the Rocks 2013 quickly approaches we here at are going to spotlight the talent that will be making up this years musical line-up. As we crawl the Internets, we will provide you with a brief description – that we find on Wikipedia – of who they are and one of their music videos – that we find on YouTube. This is what we learned about Grapes of Wrath:

The Grapes of Wrath are a Canadian folk rock band.[1]

Formed in 1983,[2] they enjoyed their greatest commercial success in the late 1980s and early 90s. They disbanded in 1992, but reformed in 2009 and are currently associated with Toronto’s Aporia Records.

Prior to reforming, the band name was tied up in litigation. During that time, most of the band continued to record through the 1990s as Ginger. Vocalists Tom Hooper and Kevin Kane briefly reunited as The Grapes of Wrath for one album in 2000. With the addition of Chris Hooper, the three founding members reunited in July 2010. They have gone on to play several concerts in various Canadian cities, and are once again active as a group.

Singles, a greatest hits collection featuring two new recordings, was released in October 2012 by EMI in Canada. In March 2013, the original three members released their first album of all new material in 22 years. Entitled High Road, the album was recorded by childhood friend Darryl Neudorf.

What is your favourite Grapes of Wrath song?


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