Folk on the Rocks

Folk on the Rocks comes close

DSC_0409As I have been mentioning for the last couple weeks, Folk on the Rocks has been in a race for #1. The competition is to become the #1 Music Festival in Canada. The festival that wins, will receive bragging rights and will have CBC Radio come to the festival and broadcast live. Our festival has come along way, making it through to the top 80, top 40, top 20, and then to the top 10.


Unfortunately Folk on the Rocks is not number one. We are very proud of the festival for making it that far. It is still amazing. No matter where the festival placed we hear in Yellowknife will still think it is #1. Even though it is not #1 in Canada it is still going to an amazing 2010 festival. The festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary and there is nothing that will detour us from celebrating the Musical Festivities.


Many of us have been campaigning for votes a lot and at times I felt as though I might have been pushing a little to hard. Then again passion for a community is a powerful thing. Did you vote for Folk on the Rocks? What do you think of the Folk on the Rocks festival? Although I am very positive, I’m sure not everyone is the same. Is there something you don’t like about the festival that you think can be improved?


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