Foggy Day in Yellowknife [PHOTOS]

Update: CBC is also reporting that all flights at the Yellowknife airport have been grounded since 9:30am.

Yellowknife is experiencing some bizarre weather out there today. After receiving days of snow, which made the roads slick and lawns white, the weather decided to warm up just enough for it to start melting.

The roads that now have piles of gravel on them are now gravel and water. Puddles on every corner just waiting to be splashed all over the sidewalks. The water itself may not be that dangerous but please be aware that when the temperature drops again that water will freeze. Freeze and make the roads even more slippery than before.

Yellowknife was also greeted with a thick layer of fog blanketing the city this morning. Here are some picture I managed to get while driving downtown.



You can see how all the snow that was once on the roads is now just water



The sky rises that are normally stick out in Yellowknife’s skyline are barely visible.



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