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Ferry Causes a Fuel Issue

It is not often anymore that the Ferry goes out unexpectedly, but when it does, we go on edge. Most of the time Yellowknife has enough supplies to get by, but when rumours of panic start floating around town, we all panic.

The Yellowknifer and CBC both did articles on panic to get fuel as the ferry is currently out, but I’m curious to know where the panic came from. Many people were saying that the scare started on Facebook and then spread through town.

The GNWT released a statement on the matter saying that if resident consumed fuel at a normal rate, everyone would have enough to get through while the ferry is out. Now I realize that this is hard to take in, especially when you know other people are out there filling jerry cans in the back of Ford Fusions. By the way apparently Ford Fusions are actually fairly efficient. Anyways, I think it is a little late for that though.

According to some friends, Co-op is out of fuel, Winks was low of the last bit of Premium, Petro-Can had line ups and Gas Town was limiting fuel ups to $40. No word on any of the other stations or card locks. Please comment with updated info.

As for food, Co-op has been flying food over from Hay River and will continue to do so until the Ferry reopens. As for Extra Foods, they’re shelves are starting to look bare.

The water levels are now on the rise again, and if they continue at the rate they are going, it is predicted that the ferry will be in operations by the end of the week.

Most long time Yellowknifers see this as no issue, and just go on with life and deal with it. While, I’m sure most are stocking up. How are you dealing with the ferry going out unexpectedly like it has. Has it ever affected your decision about living in the North?



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  • This doesn’t bother me one bit. Life will continue albeit with a bit less fresh fruit and veggies for a few weeks.

    If there is a shortage of fuel, it’s because people are paniced, fearful and hoarding. It’s quite ironic, don’t you think?: The very thing people are afraid of happening (shortage of gas), is created by the people.

  • I’ve got enough gas in my truck to last a week or two – so should everyone – where, exactly, are you going to go? the Ferry is out. Bi whoop.

  • I’m getting a little anxious. I’ve been working hard to eat well, and buy produce in small quantities but frequently. I rely on the downtown Xtra Foods except for weekends when I do my main shopping at the Co-op. I haven’t been to the downtown Xtra Foods since last week and I hope it’s not as bare-shelved as the one in the “suburb”.

  • The funny one today is, the City of Yellowknife isn’t too concerned about wasting fuel. Municipal enforcement department inadvertantly decided to have a check stop Wednesday morning on Highway 3 at Jackfish hill. At least four Law Enforcement cars with lights flashing, idling away while officers impede morning rush hour traffic causing long line-ups in both directions consisting of idling vehicles waiting have license and registrations checked.

  • a week of walking, eating canned fruits and vegies or powdered milk (IF IT COMES TO THAT)
    won’t kill you, honest, not a big deal

  • Everyone should just relax! Stop acting like it’s the end of the world !!! Maybe if I was a cab driver then I would a little stressed as driving would be my livelihood !
    So this happens every year that the ferry goes out… It’s another reason why the cost of living is high up here. . . Coop will charge more than extra foods all year so that they can keep the same prices on things even when the ferry is out they always fly in supplies.
    No one is trapped you can always fly out if you can handle is… Ppl are a little nuts rightnow. The lines up to monkey tree gas bar extended right down to wolgar intersection and all the way up behind the monkey tree on the other side! I have heard ppl say they have waited upwards of an hour And a half to get gas!!!!

    • ****** No one is trapped… you cancan always fly out if you CAN’T HANDLE IT … (is what it is supposed to say)

      • I have to say, I’m cracking up at the idea of people idling their vehicles for an hour and a half because they can’t stand not having a full tank of gas.

  • Esso had 15,000L of Premium fuel flown in last night, they will be starting to sell it at 8:00am this morning for anyone that is desperate to get in line. Their price hasn’t been posted yet, but their big sign lists regular at 199.9 hahaha….

    On a side note – Monkey Tree gas bar pumped their fuel cost Wednesday night to 1.34/L -> fuel that was already in their tank, not flown in, no extra cost. Nice way to take advantage of people – personally I’ll never buy gas there because of it.

  • Does the city REALLY only keep a week’s worth of fuel? Really?? What’s wrong with this city?

    Is winter a new occurrence round here?

    Maybe someone could learn from this and store an extra weeks’ worth of fuel for the next time?

    The gouging could be been managed an awful lot better…but lets not look on what went wrong, lets look at how we can fix it for the next time – there will be a next time…

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