Yellowknife Hiking Buddy

Yellowknife is located right in the middle of the Boreal Forest on the Canadian Shield. This makes it a fantastic place to go hiking. But as a visitor, knowing where these trails are or how to get to the trailhead might not be possible.

Yellowknife Online has created the Yellowknife Hiking Buddy, where we will head out with you to hike some of Yellowknife’s lesser accessible hiking trails so you can see the pure beauty of our natural surroundings.We’ll pick you up where you desire, drive out to the trailhead, hike through the boreal forest, summer or winter, and then return you right back to your desired location.

This is not a traditional tour. This is an opportunity to hike some of Yellowknife’s hiking trails when you might not know where they are or have a way of getting to them. You will also get to hike with a local who knows the trails and is familiar with the area.

Tour Details

Price: $75/pp
Duration: 2-3 Hours
Min People: 1 Person
Max People: 4 People
Pickup/Dropoff Location: Wherever you are (hotel, B&B, Airbnb, restaurant, airport, etc.).

*Details all dependant on distance traveled from Yellowknife and duration of the hike. 

What To Bring

You are responsible for ensuring you are equipped for this excursion in terms of clothing and sustenance. Assume at the very least we are providing you transportation.

Clothing: Dress for the weather – layer your clothing so you can adjust based on body temperature. Wear proper footwear for hiking (running shoes are not proper for winter hiking). Hat, neckwarmer, mitts (better than gloves), etc.

Water: Bring a small bottle of water to stay hydrated, even in the cold weather. Just be careful it doesn’t freeze 😉

Food: Bring a small snack such as trail mix or a granola bar to maintain energy levels while hiking

Water/Food can be provided upon request for additional cost.

About Your Guide

Yellowknife Online is the brainchild of Kyle Thomas. In 2009, Yellowknife Online was born out of the idea of promoting all the things that make Yellowknife a great place to live and visit.

Kyle Thomas - Yellowknife

Kyle grew up in Yellowknife is obsessed with learning about its history and keeping up on what is happening around Yellowknife. He is often a walking wealth of information on what is happening around town at any given time, how Yellowknife came to be and an all-around Yellowknife Encylopedia.

He also really likes showing Yellowknife to anyone who will listen to him.

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Tour Provider: Yellowknife Online
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Languages Offered: English