Yellowknife Community Tour


We love Yellowknife. And we love showing it off to those who choose to visit. Let us take you on a two-hour driving tour of Yellowknife exploring all that makes it great.

About Your Guide

Yellowknife Online is the brainchild of Kyle Thomas. In 2009, Yellowknife Online was born out of the idea of promoting all the things that make Yellowknife a great place to live and visit.

Kyle Thomas - Yellowknife

Kyle grew up in Yellowknife is obsessed with learning about its history and keeping up on what is happening around Yellowknife. He is often a walking wealth of information on what is happening around town at any given time, how Yellowknife came to be and an all-around Yellowknife Encylopedia.

He also really likes showing Yellowknife to anyone who will listen to him.

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Tour Provider: Yellowknife Online
Languages Offered: English