Ice Caves and Frosty History

The tour begins with a visit to the Mining Heritage Site at the old Giant Mine to enjoy the Ravens playing along the Back Bay cliff and soak up our golden history.  From there, it is off for a stroll onto Great Slave Lake to visit Yellowknife’s old cemetery where we can enjoy its quiet location and meet some of our first residents.  As we continue along an impressive cliff of ancient rocks, we encounter the magical ice cave, known to locals for its wintertime beauty.  Here we will take the time to discover the mystery of icicles, strum a song on the frozen stalactites and capture it’s flowing beauty with our cameras.  A walk that has it all… history, nature and great memories!

Tour Duration:  3 hours

Meeting Location & Time:  to be determined upon booking

Season:  Winter/early Spring

Special Considerations:  We will be exploring a series of snowy trails, ice, and roads by foot and vehicle.  Please come dressed for the weather, including warm footwear. Hiking poles and anti-slip devices for your boots will be provided.

Fee:  $110/pp + GST (5%)

Call Strong Interpretation at 867-446-2799 or use the form below.

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