Canadian Shield Sampler

A guided nature walk that will show you the geology, trees, plants, and animals that make up the Canadian Shield

The Prelude Nature Trail takes you through geological time from the bottom of an enormous glacial lake onto some of the oldest rocks in the world.

Along the trail, one can see mini-gardens of lichens, Labrador tea, moss, cotton grass and wild berry bushes with ingenious spruce and stalwart pine standing by like sentinels of time.  All of this will be pointed out to you by your seasoned guide, Rosanna Strong of Strong Interpretation. With beautiful vistas onto Prelude Lake, it is a tour for those who want to sample aspects of this beautiful part of the boreal forest.

Duration: 4.5 hours
Pickup Location: We’ll pick you up
Season:  Spring, Summer, Fall
Fee:  $110/pp + GST (5%)

Please come dressed for the weather and wear comfortable walking shoes, plus bring your own water bottle.  There will be slippery surfaces along this trail with the rocks and boardwalks.

Call Strong Interpretation at 867-446-2799 or use the form below.

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