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What a great contest, Kyle!  OK, I’m in.   Here’s what I want in a city counselor.  I should say first:  I was born and grew up here, but have lived the past 20 years in Vancouver and just moved back this spring.   Still, it’s not too early to have some opinions!

1. Free wifi. I’d like to see someone who will champion free blanket wifi.  As far as I’m concerned access to the internet is as much (or should be) infrastructure and part of the economic engine as streets and traffic lights.   A robust internet could be transformative for the north.

2. Environment/Recycling. I’ve been really impressed by the number of people who clearly give a damn about this planet of ours, up here.  Someone is even building a LEED-Platinum house on my block.  That blows me away!  However, I am surprised at the number of items I cannot recycle.  I’d like to see a council who really takes this on, so that all my ♺ can get ♺!

3. Lively Downtown Core.  I lived in gastown in Vancouver so maybe I’m a bit extreme, but sheesh!  so is the dead Downtown of Yellowknife!  I’d like to see some urban planning which encourages more residents to live in the downtown, and a greater street-life (in the good way).  The other night I walked home after a late movie and I was the *only* pedestrian.  It was eerie!

4. Business. As a former small business owner, I’d like to see support given to businesses who are doing business in such a way that it benefits the community and the planet.  One example is the Swap Shop.  That place rocks!  It helps the community by providing great products at low prices and helps the planet by recycling stuff.  How perfect is that.  Wins all around.

5. More intercultural events. There are people here from all over the world.  It’s like a mini-universe.  I’d like to see more events like Aboriginal Day where we can celebrate and affirm all cultures.


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