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Election 2012 Questions: Niels Konge

At YkOnline.ca, we’re trying to keep you informed and connected to the people who would like to have a hand in the building and operation of Yellowknife but in a light-hearted way. We sent around the following questions to each of the candidates for mayor and council asking for a written or video response. As each candidate responds we’ll post their answers. You can follow all the 2012 Municipal Election posts with the tag “yzfelec2012“.

Niels Konge:

Where do you volunteer and why?

I volunteer with the sports groups that my kids are involved in. I am also on the Apprentiship Board in the NWT. I help with the kids because it is part of putting your kids into groups to help the groups continue to thrive. I sit on the apprentiship board because I want to make apprentiship better for everyone.

What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in public?

Well do we really want to re live that??? I don’t.

How will you communicate with residents, how will that be better than what is available now?

I am very accessible through my work. I think that most councillors are. I think the communication issue is not with council but with administration. Council can change that.

What do you have in your fridge?

Which one? There is food in the house fridge, beer and extra milk in the garage fridge, beer in the shop fridge(if it’s not emptied by the guys) and I don’t even know what is in the office fridge. Probably the sandwich I was supposed to eat on Tuesday.

How do people know you around town?

As Konge, usually pronounced wrong, a family man and contractor.

Where can you be found most often during the endless days in the summer?

Truth is I’m a workaholic, and as a contractor usually working to ensure that jobs get done and that my employees have lots to do. Like right now it’s 9:53 and I just am going to leave the office.

Describe what the Harbour Plan is in plain english and why it is, or isn’t important.

Well I think that this is a job for administration or someone on the committee. Let’s see if they know!

Have you worked with any of the other councilor candidates before?

Talked with lots of them, I have been very critical of how planning and development has been going on in the city for the past 6 years.

What is your favourite winter activity?

I enjoy watching my kids do their activities, and snowmobiling.

Are you a first generation Yellowknifer?

Who really is?

Have you worked on councils or committee before?

Yes, in two different countries.

For more information on how to follow each of the candidates visit our Election 2012 Page.


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