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Election 2012 Questions: Lydia Bardak

At YkOnline.ca, we’re trying to keep you informed and connected to the people who would like to have a hand in the building and operation of Yellowknife but in a light-hearted way. We sent around the following questions to each of the candidates for mayor and council asking for a written or video response. As each candidate responds we’ll post their answers. You can follow all the 2012 Municipal Election posts with the tag “yzfelec2012“.

Lydia Bardak

Where do you volunteer and why?

Currently, Rotary Club of Yellowknife (Rotary Radio Day, Bike Auction, Lobsterfest, Canada Day Parade, Rotary Roses, and Reading Buddy at Weledeh) because Rotary is fun and brings me in contact with people outside my work circle (to bring balance into my life…kind of like being on Council has)
and NACC because it is different than work and also gives me balance (and because I am always attending performances anyway, so I may as well make myself useful when I am there)

And, I do voluntary street outreach on Friday nights from 12:30 – 3:30 a.m. (and sometimes Saturdays)

What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in public?

Geez, I am not that easily embarassed (and I reallly try hard to behave in public)

How will you communicate with residents, how will that be better than what is available now?

I think I am pretty approachable so I welcome any contact (calls, e-mails, stopping on the street or in the grocery store to chat), but I also like the idea of a town hall or other public invitation to look at issues. I hope that all residents know that Council and the various Committee meetings are open to the public and I urge people to check it out.

What do you have in your fridge?

Eggs, cheese, onions, grilled chicken, rye bread and coconut yogurt ……………oh sorry, I just decided to make an omlette but am back now! Oh yeah, and V-8 juice

How do people know you around town?

I live downtown, work downtown, and don’t own a vehicle…I am seen walking all around the downtown or on the Pat McMahon Frame Lake Trail. It can take 30 minutes for me to walk the two blocks to work. And I sometimes sit in front of the Post Office

Where can you be found most often during the endless days in the summer?

Long Lake and/or camping near any music festival (Enterprise, Fort Smith)

Describe what the Harbour Plan is in plain english and why it is, or isn’t important.

Public access to waterfront – we live on a great big lake.

And we want to coordinate all the various users (houseboats, float planes, canoes, kayaks, motor boats, sailboats, snowmobiles, skiers, festivals, etc) while enhancing the tourist appeal of old town and respecting the residents.

Have you worked with any of the other councilor candidates before?

Besides Bob Brooks, Amanda Mallon, and Cory Vanthuyne while on Council? Dan Wong has volunteered at the Day Shelter that I manage and Rebecca Alty was a Brownie when I was her “Brown Owl” :o)

What is your favourite winter activity?

The coming of winter and snow has changed meaning for me over the years. When I was little, it was building snow forts. When I was a little older, it was cross-country skiing and winter camping. When I was still older, it was snowmobiling and cook-outs. When I was even older, it was knowing that some of the street involved population that I work with would be able to earn some money shovelling snow. When I became a Councillor, it was seeing all the e-mails asking about street clearing. And now, it is just getting out to walk and enjoy the day and then cooking a hearty meal at home.

Are you a first generation Yellowknifer?

I guess so…my parents did not live here so I must be.

Have you worked on councils or committee before?

Two terms on Council – active on the Social Issues Committee and Yellowknife Area Police Advisory Committee

For more information on how to follow each of the candidates visit our Election 2012 Page.

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