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Election 2012 Questions: Linda Bussey

Linda BusseyAt YkOnline.ca, we’re trying to keep you informed and connected to the people who would like to have a hand in the building and operation of Yellowknife but in a light-hearted way. We sent around the following questions to each of the candidates for mayor and council asking for a written or video response. As each candidate responds we’ll post their answers. You can follow all the 2012 Municipal Election posts with the tag “yzfelec2012“.

Linda Bussey

Where do you volunteer and why?

I feel it is important to volunteer to help make your community a better place.  I do this by supporting my own as well as other children, and trying to help others.  I have been an active volunteer and served in many different capacities.

I am a member of the Aven’s Board of Directors and also serve on the Board’s Executive Committee.  I volunteer at the CNIB One Foot Garden and help with the Yellowknife Ovarian Cancer Walk.  I am the Co-Chair of the Yellowknife Community Foundation Gala Organizing Committee and assist with the Annual General Meeting of the Conseil de développement économique des Territoires du Nord-Ouest.  I participate on a review committee of the NWT United Way to assess funding proposals.  I am also a certified speed skating official and have officiated at 3 Arctic Winter Games and the Canada Games in Whitehorse.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done?

I went into the wrong house when I was trying to visit a friend.  I came in, sat down and thought they had changed the place a lot.  And then the real owner came up from the basement!  He was surprised; I was very embarrassed!

How will you communicate with residents?

I think it is essential to listen carefully to what people are saying to truly understand their concern.  I will also be honest in sharing my perspective.  I think it is important to always be open and able to have a frank and respectful exchange.  This will allow us to most effectively explore issues and consider impacts to determine best solutions.

I think communication is paramount and I will look to many ways to hear people’s ideas and their concerns.  Of course, I think meeting people in person is the best way to connect; in both casual and official ways.   But there are limitations on how much you can do that; you can’t see everyone or be available all of the time.  I will also be using social media as an effective tool for sharing information and communicating with people.

What’s in your fridge?

Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, skim milk, yogurt, various left-overs. The most important is a special container which is only used to store a variety of cheeses; and another fridge drawer which is only used for cheese!  Yes cheese.

How Do People Know You In Town?

First of all, people knew me as a parent who was active in her children’s lives throughout their years in school and with their sporting and other extracurricular pursuits.  I developed many social relationships from these connections which last to this day.  I know many people and get to meet a lot of new people by simply being a member of the community.  I shop in Yellowknife stores and attend community events.  This gives me a chance to meet friends and acquaintances, and make new friends through some of these casual encounters.  Shopping at the Co-op has been a great way for me to connect with people!

My 9 years as the Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation’s Executive Director meant I was involved in planning and staging a lot of major community events.  Many people came out to assist with the galas, so I got to know a lot of people through these events.

I like to engage people and it is natural for me.

Where Can You Be Found In The Summer?

Generally, we like to stay in the north in the summer so I can be found here enjoying what our city has to offer during the long days of summer.  I like to sit and enjoy the view of Yellowknife Bay from our balcony, ride my bike, go for a walk or run, or enjoy time with family or friends in the city or at a cabin on one of the lakes in the area.  We also like to take the occasional road trip to other parts of the NWT and western Canada.

Describe the Harbour Plan.

Waterfront development in Yellowknife is very much a work in progress and the issue is vitally important for all of us.  The city’s shoreline on such an impressive and pristine lake is a jewel which needs to be utilized but in a fair, equitable and sustainable manner.  As a candidate I am still learning all of the issues involved in the Harbour Plan, but I do think a lot of consultation is still needed.  There are many different perspectives involved and it will be important to consider all views and the implications of all planning decisions in deciding how the Harbour Plan can be implemented.

The bottom line is we need to ensure the waterfront is developed in a controlled way to benefit all residents through reasonable access to the water, while ensuring public safety and other concerns are not ignored.

Have You Worked With Other Candidates Before?

I worked with Amanda Mallon on the City’s Social Justice Committee.

What Is Your Favourite Winter Activity?

Going for long walks in the cold at night under a clear sky, followed by a great meal and socializing with family and friends.

Are You A First Generation Yellowknifer?

I was not born here but have lived in Yellowknife for 16 years.  I lived in Iqaluit for 5 years before that.  Although I am not from here, I consider Yellowknife my home.  My two younger children completed all of their schooling here, while their older brother started Grade 5 in Yellowknife before graduating from St Patrick’s High School.  My parents knew Yellowknife had become my home, and realized they had to visit us to see the kids as often as they wanted.  They visited often!

Have You Worked on Council Or Committees Before?    

I represented the Yellowknife Chamber of Commerce on the City’s Social Justice Committee in 2010/2011.

For more information on how to follow each of the candidates visit our Election 2012 Page.


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