Yellowknife Discount Guide


Yellowknife Discount Guide introduces your business to consumers and gets them in your doors. This is done by showcasing your business within a nicely designed discount guide for consumers and offering them a small discount that will save them money and encourage them to shop and visit businesses they might not otherwise.  It is an advertising solution that is proven to get consumers into your business and encourages them to become repeat customers. Yellowknife Discount Guide will be sold through local retailers, How To Be a Yellowknifer Welcome Packages, fundraising events and online, and is valid for one year.

For the consumer, it is a simple way to save money while discovering and exploring Yellowknife businesses and ultimately saving money at businesses they might not otherwise visit.

Where will the Yellowknife Discount Guide be available?
The Yellowknife Discount Guide will be available through local retails year-round. We aim to have it available in such places as the Visitor Centre, the Book Cellar and galleries around Yellowknife. It will also be available in the How To Be a Yellowknifer Welcome Packages, online through Yellowknife Online channels and through local fundraisers.
How many Yellowknife Discount Guides will be printed?
In the first year we hope to print at least 1000 Yellowknife Discount Guides.

If you are interested in a FREE listing in the Yellowknife Discount Guide please fill out the following form or download the form as a fillable PDF.

Listing Form

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If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.