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Dettah Ice Crossing Open for 10/11

Good news for residents of Dettah and those wanting a quick place to go view the Northern Lights. The Dettah Ice Road now now open for light traffic.

Vehicles up to 5,000kg can now cross the road. Drivers are reminded that speed limits on the ice road are established to ensure public safety.

For those new to Yellowknife, the Dettah Ice Road is a good place to go and experience drive on an Ice Road and also an excellent place to try and spot Northern Lights without having to travel outside of town.




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  • I wonder… what is the point of going to Dettah. I drove there thinking it had… something… anything to see.

    All I saw were houses and a few government buildings… No where to even get a coffee or anything.

    I understand people living there will enjoy the road. Is there any reason for a tourist to go there? I didn’t see any. Just a lot of poorly maintained homes in the middle of nowhere.

    Nothing showing it’s history. Nothing showing it’s heritage. Nothing inviting to outsiders at all.

    Even a basic visitors center or basic coffee hut would be better than nothing.

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