Local Photographer, Dave Brosha Moving On Up

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of dropping by Dave Brosha’s Studio Open House. I have been a big fan of Dave’s photography for sometime, and was excited to hear a couple of months ago he was planning on opening a studio/gallery. Well that time has come, he is now working out of the studio.

Unfortunately because I myself am no photographer, I was not able to capture any photos of his new studio. Although I can safely say it is an awesome one. As I also did not take any video like I had originally intended, I shall reenact my experience via words.

To the untrained eye you may not notice the sign to Dave Brosha’s studio, so that is why I want to explain it to you. If you know where the Taste of Saigon and Fuego’s restaurants are, then you are more than likely going to be able to find the studio. The door leading up to the studio is situated right in between the two. Upon entering the door you immediately go up a flight of stairs and find yourself in a magnificent hallway. This hallway like the rest of the studio has just been renovated, with hardwood flooring and wall mounted light fixtures. One of the first things you will notice while going down this hallway, which I assume doubles as part of the gallery, is all the photographs that have been framed and are just waiting for someone to take home. There are several doorways off this hallway that lead to the rest of the flat. One door to another gallery area, another to an office and even a waiting room for clients. There is a large open area at the end of the hallway where the magic must happen. If you are ever in the area you should definitely check it out.

It was a pleasure seeing Dave and his studio again. Dave is a magnificent photographer and if you are at all interested in getting some photographs done I would encourage you to give him a call. Everyone that I have spoken to that has ever work with him has nothing but good things to say. You should also check out his website, he has one of the most active photo blogs of the north.

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