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Construction of the Northern United Place [PHOTOS]

The Yellowknife skyline is very notable. Maybe not as much as New York, Chicago or Toronto, but it is still noticeable and surprising to many. Many first time visitors are often surprised by the amount of tall buildings Yellowknife has.

For reasons I have never really understood several tall buildings were erected in the 1970’s. There might be a correlation between this boom and Yellowknife becoming the capital of the Northwest Territories in 1967 as well as the relocation of many territorial and federal government offices.

One of the buildings built in the 1970’s is Northern United Place. The photos below were presumably taken in the summer of 1976, with the building opening in November, 1976. According to the United Church website, the Church opened its doors on November 7, 1976

These photo were posted recently to the “YK Memories” Facebook group by John TJ Telgen.

Nup John TJ Telgen 2

Nup John TJ Telgen

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