Charlie donates money to the SideDoor Youth Centre

Charlie YellowknifeCharlie, a local street person, who is known to most of Yellowknife, did something completely unexpected last week. The Yellowknifer has a full story on it but I know there are many people who can’t get to their online section so I’ll post some brief details.

Charlie walked into the SideDoor last week and donate $2000 to the Youth Centre. The money came from Charlie’s residential school settlement. He said in the newspaper article that he loves children and hopes they grow up to be good people.

Charlie Yellowknife

Charlie, and many other people who walk the streets of Yellowknife, are very close to me. Many are good people stuck in bad situations that they can’t get out of. I’m collecting some of the stories from the street to share with people. You can follow along and sign up for more information at

If you see Charlie on the street, stop and thank him for his generosity and betterment of the community.


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