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Blogger Profile: Jacqueline

A couple weeks ago a local blogger by name of Jacqueline got on my case about doing more Blogger Profiles. She was of course right, there are lots of bloggers here in Yellowknife that I hadn’t approached about having a Blogger Profile. When I finally got my act together again and found the determination to do another know I thought Jacqueline would be the perfect one. She is one of the young bloggers in Yellowknife that I know of and has a style like no other. She is very passionate about blogging and here is what she has to say:

Who are you?

WHO AM I? I’m only the most awesome person you’ll find online. Ha. Kidding, but not really. I’m Jacqueline Brasseur. I’m known for my numerous jobs, my beautiful blog, and for having parents that everybody knows. Hmph.

Where do you blog (site address)?

I generally blog while I’m lying in my bed over at: I’m super proud of everything I write, and it’s pretty awesome. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should take a wander over to Wondering&Pondering.

Why do you blog?

I blog because it’s my art. Everybody has something that they’re really good at. I had always found it hard to find something when I was a kid. I thought I could do music, but realized that that would never happened. Then, I started drawing, but quickly realized that that would never happen either. Finally, I found Blogger. That’s when I started blogging, and I realized that this was perfect for me. I had always loved writing, but found the perfect place to share it with the world.

My sister’s always told me that blogger’s are people who are just vain and think the world wants to hear their opinions. Personally? I may be vain, and I may think that the world wants to hear my opinions, but that’s not why I blog. I blog because it’s my way of being me. It helps me relieve stress, helps me relax at the end of the day, and oddly enough, makes me feel closer to God, and closer to figuring out who I really am.

Goodness, aren’t I just full of teenage angst. Ha.

What is the best part of blogging? …Or worst?

The best part of blogging has got to be how many people I’ve met since I started. I’ve never met so many awesome people as fast as I have through blogging. I also really like how I’ve all of a sudden become different than everybody else in my group of friends. I’m pretty much the only kid at my school that blogs openly. I get made fun of for it, but really, I know that everybody else is just in the closet about blogging.

The worst thing about blogging has got to be the lack of respect that you get. People don’t realize how interesting the blogosphere really can be, or how difficult it can be to create something right out of your heart and mind, and share it with everybody with an internet connection. I only wish is was as appreciated by non-bloggers as it is by bloggers.

Who do you write for? Yourself? Your Readers? Google? For a living?

I write for myself. That simple. Any time that I’m writing a post, and I start thinking that so-and-so would find it funny if I wrote this or that, I immediately erase the entire post and start over. I’d feel like such a sell-out if I wrote for anybody else. People always ask me if I think I’ll try to write for a living, and I figure that I wouldn’t really enjoy it as much if I had the pressure of money to add on to it. I’d hate writing for deadlines, or writing about specific topics that were handed to me by a higher power. Writing for myself gives me the perfect freedom.

As one of the few Teenagers who blog in Yellowknife how do you find the blogosphere here?

I am one of the few teenagers, aren’t I? I love it. I love everything about the blogosphere, except for being one of the few teenagers. Ha. I feel a bigger connection to the community because of it. The blogosphere is huge, and I think that we really give each other more support than any other –osphere in town. I like the fact that I’ve met people who, even if they’re older than I am, are going to support me, and invite me into their lives. I absolutely love it. Everything about it.

Are you proud to be a blogger?

AM I EVER. Haha. What really made me realize how much pride radiated off of me, was when my BFF was shopping out of town, and called me one night to tell me that she found a tanktop with: “I am so blogging this.” on it, and she wanted to know if I wanted her to buy it for me. I wore that thing every day for like, three weeks. Ha. I’m proud to be a part of something like this. It may sound stupid, but I’m prouder to be a blogger than pretty much anything else.

Do you or would you ever censor yourself?

Oh, I definitely censor myself. I often will try not to and you’ll see apologies to my mother throughout my posts, haha. But I’ve definitely cut down on bad words and such ever since somebody told me that their mother read my blog. When I heard that, it made me realize that EVERYBODY could read it if they chose to, and that I should be a little careful about posting about how much I hate a teacher, or any information about employers or friends. There are definitely things I don’t write about, but I’d never censor myself about things that I really believed in.

PC or Mac?

Definitely PCs. I’ve hated Macs ever since I was six years old and playing on one in the computer lab at school. I think they’re made for people who are too simple minded to use PCs. This is an example of how I censor myself, because I know that most of the blogosphere loves Macs. There was actually a time where I decided my friendships on if they preferred PCs or Macs. I definitely like PCs better. I’ve tried Macs, and I can’t stand them. No left click? WHAT?

Blogs you read or would recommend?

I read a lot of blogs, generally ones from the NWT.

  • I read Reflections in Snow-Covered Hills, but really, who doesn’t? She’s hilarious, intelligent, and best of all, has a beautiful blog.
  • Dispatches from the Failed Mommies Club is also one of my favorite blogs. The way she explains motherhood in a whole new way is incredible. I love it.
  • I really enjoy Fight Off Your Demons, and if you’re looking for another teenager blog, this is definitely a perfect one. Emilie knows really how to make you interested in her entire life. It’s utterly amazing.
  • I also read Amy’s MUSICisME. I think the idea is absolutely magnificent, and has a sort of beauty to it that few blogs do. If you haven’t checked this out, you just HAVE to now.
  • The non-NWT blogs that I read include Slap Upside The Head and PostSecret. Those are pretty popular though.

I suggest everybody checks out these Tumblrs I found:

Are you originally from Yellowknife?

*Sigh* I was born here. I like it. It’s different, friendly, and perfectly sized. I’m planning on living here for the rest of my life because, well, you’ll never find anything better.


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