Arctic Air in Yellowknife [Photos]

Adam Beach and the entire crew from CBC’s Arctic Air tv drama are in Yellowknife this week filming scenes for the upcoming season 2 set to air in January 2013.

Notices had been placed around Yellowknife a couple weeks in advanced informing resident and downtown workers of the filming that would be taking place in the area. There was also a casting call for extras and help leading up to the shoot as well.

Below are photos that have been recently shared on Twitter of all that is happening with Arctic Air while here in Yellowknife.

Credit: @vagabondty

Credit: @ceej_bro

Credit: @simjas79

Credit: @MrL080

Credit: @mrrva

Credit: @JordWheel



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  • Cannot wait 2 C….both my son and myself love this show ….father/husband works for airlines in Arctic and international. We identify with Northern experience and Canadian realism…. storyline and filmographgy are all about who we are….love cast and gritty life stories. Everything more and more is a challenge in the North – our identity soon to be lost. Please keep this brave show on air!
    Pamela & Benjamin 

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