About the I Am BETTY Campaign and Photos

If you read my earlier post you will know that the I Am Better Campaign is laying some ground work and asking for residents of Yellowknife to drop by Dave Brosha’s studio to get their photo taken and tell everyone why they support the house. This evening was the first session, but it will be still happening all day Friday, January 27. More info is on my other post here.

Alexander Legaree, who is spearheading the I Am Betty campaign, gave me a quick run down about what the I Am BETTY Campaign is all about. I apologize for it being blurry.

Those who head down will get a couple of head shots taken, a quick 6-7 second video of them posing and will get to write out “I Am BETTY” in their own writing, for it to be used within the campaign.

The photo above show Alexander prepping his camera, while Tiffany Ayalik waits to have her photo taken.

If you want to know more check out which has links to all the right places.


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