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9 Maternity Leave Activities to do in Yellowknife

My goal is always to provide relevant content for all Yellowknifers, so to make sure I am getting the best content I sometimes have to lean on others. For example this post was written and sourced by Samantha Stuart. Samantha is a new mom on maternity leave and wants to make sure all moms in Yellowknife know about all the different programs and activities that are happening. You can follow Samantha on Twitter: @SamanthaStuart.

Winter is here, the days are getting shorter and you’re at home on maternity leave. Wondering what to do to get yourself out of the house? Here’s a list to get you started, if you can think of anything else, please comment below:

Postnatal Classes

Fieldhouse Drop In Program – Play Together

YK Playgroup

  • Mondays at the Fieldhouse 9:30-11:30am
  • Wednesday and Fridays in the Calvary Church basement 9:30-11:30am
  • More information:

Walk the Track

Noon Swim & Splash

Starfish & Ruth Inch Memorial Pool

Mom & Baby Yoga

  • Will both energize and relax you, all while giving you an opportunity to bond with your baby.
  • “Collective Soul Space”, 3rd Floor, Peace Building
  • Taught by Maureen Tonge
  • Sundays, 2:00 – 3:00 pm
  • Please e-mail to inquire about upcoming classes.

Ski Parents

Monthly Breastfeeding Support Meetings

Yellowknife Gymnastics Programs

Bella Babies Class

  • Programs through Bella Dance Academy
  • Classes start in the fall
  • More information:

If you can think of any other activities or events, please comment below.


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  • Hi, would a new mom-to-be be kind enough to explain to me how maternity leave works in the Northwest Territories? My family and I planned to come live in Yellowknife (which looks full of activities from what I saw on this website!) and I was wondering how that was dealt. I leave my email address in case of anyone from Yellowknife wish to get in touch with me (that would be wonderful to have actual real spoken words in addition to what I have read so far!): Thanking you all in advance. And congrats on your pregnancy, Samantha!

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