2nd Annual Midnight Sun Motorcycle Run

This past Wednesday was the 2nd annual Midnight Sun Motorcycle Run put on by the NWT Riders Association.

Down at the Yellowknife Community Area a vast majority of the motorbikes in Yellowknife gathered for a Show and Shine but it wasn’t just Yellowknife specific. Motorcycles and their riders came from as far away as Delaware, Arkansas, Ontario and Fort Simpson to take part in the evening. As people were coming down to see the nicely polished bikes many kids could be see looking with amazement at the fancy bikes.

It wasn’t all about the show though, during the Show and Shine the NWTRA was hosting a fundraiser BBQ for the NWT SPCA. At the end of the night a total of $400 was raised and the NWTRA also donated $800.00 for an even total of $1200.00 to the SPCA.

After the Show and Shine and the BBQ was when the real fun started and all the bike toured around Yellowknife and down the Ingraham Trail.

2nd Annual Midnight Sun Motorcycle Run

2nd Annual Midnight Sun Motorcycle Run

2nd Annual Midnight Sun Motorcycle Run


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