Yellowknifers love Facebook or that’s what my marketing hat tells me. Even since the early days of Facebook, Yellowknife has had a high number of users per capita. This isn’t a bad thing; it just tells me that Yellowknifers like to stay connected. To a hyper-specific level, Yellowknifers love their Facebook Groups and why not. They’re a great way to stay connected around certain interests, organizations or topics. And we really love our classified groups. Just look at them all.

As a part of How To Be a Yellowknifer we have tried to pull together a – somewhat – current list of Facebook Groups related to Yellowknife. For a newcomer, old timer or new parents, Facebook Groups appears to be a great way to connect and find information quickly and in a crowdsourced way.

Classifieds, Buy & Sell and Listings

Parents, Guardians, Babies, and Children

Yellowknife Related

Special Interest

Sports Related

Obviously, it is hard to keep track of all the Facebook Groups out there, so please send us links to ones we might miss. Please keep in mind though that we only want to share active groups.

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